I am a massive fan of Starbucks beverages.

I love their frappuccinos, of course—just like a lot of other Starbucks fans out there. Smooth, creamy and sinfully rich, it’s the perfect drink you want to reward yourself with after a bad or challenging day. Actually, even when you don’t have anything to celebrate, a frappuccino still sounds like a yummy idea. I think I’ve tried all the frapp flavors, but my favorite would have to be the green tea frappuccino. In fact, it used to be my signature drink for years.

The only time it changed was when I discovered chai tea latte. I tried it as a frapp, but I realized I like it more when it’s iced. I love it so much that I order it whenever I am in any Starbucks branch, and when I fall in line at the branch in front of the office, I don’t need to order anymore—the barista knows exactly what I will get: a venti iced chai tea latte. One time, when I wanted to try a new drink, the barista, who enthusiastically “asked” me if I was gonna have my usual venti iced chai tea latte, got disappointed when I ordered another beverage.

While I am a big fan of Starbucks drinks, I don’t limit myself to just their beverages. I drink stuff from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Seattle’s Best, Gloria Jean’s, and other coffeeshops, too. For coffee, which I rarely get, I also go to 7-Eleven. Yes, as in the convenience store. Because they seriously have moan-inducing coffee.

My favorite is their French Vanilla, which is very sweet and flavorful—just like the way I like my food and drinks. It has a tinge of saltiness, too, which makes it really special. Best of all, it is cheap; their biggest cup is only P60.

It looks like Starbucks is going to miss me for a while.