As some of my friends and colleagues know, I have a history with Phil and James Younghusband: I was part of the team that brought them to the Philippines and introduced them to the country as hotties.

That was a long time ago, and it sure was a fun and memorable chapter. We did a lot of fun things like eat out, go to clubs (and even the casino, but that was just once, I think), and also go on trips (snorkeling in Palawan was the best). Working with them was undeniably a blast—especially because they made my work fun and fulfilling despite the presence of negative people around us (you know, users).

It was bittersweet when I had to move on; I still loved working with James and Phil, but it was really time for me to go forward, career-wise.

It’s been years since I last saw the two and a week ago, I finally got to see them again. My colleague couldn’t go to the launch of multivitamins brand Aronamin Gold so he passed his invite to me. Incidentally, I didn’t have anything better to do, so I said yes. Besides, when I saw that James and Phil are the endorsers and that they’d be there, I knew I had to attend.

After the event program, the two joined my table for an interview and looked really surprised—naturally—to see me again. It wasn’t the right time and place for catching up but we couldn’t help exchanging some little stories. I also showed them a picture of Sadako, my daughter, who James said looks like me a lot. Our reunion was short and sweet—we were all there for work, after all—but that’s fine with me. I know we’ll be seeing each other again very soon. Lots of serious catching up to do.

Photos by Greg Mayo