Last night, while watching Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman, I didn’t have anything to keep my mouth occupied. I didn’t like the ice cream inside the freezer (it was cheese, bought by my lolo). I was sick and tired of biscuits and cookies; besides, they’re Sadako’s. And I was too lazy to actually leave the house at 1:30am to buy from Burger Machine or Mini Stop.

And so I fell asleep hungry.

This morning, I made sure I’d dash off to Mini Stop the moment I woke up. There were lots of choices there, but what caught my attention was their fried siomai, which I would always see but never wanted to try. It’s fried, after all. But brokenhearted from my snack-less night some hours ago, I found myself paying for an order of their fried siomai with rice, and orange juice.

It’s nothing special. It’s like any other fried siomai around. The toyomansi was a little too salty, and the sticky orange sauce in that little packet didn’t do much, plus the orange juice tasted like water.

But you know what, it was the best breakfast I’ve had in a while.