A little over two years ago, when I confirmed that I was going to have a daughter, one of the things that excited me was how much I could dress her up. After all, not only do I love fashion and sketching and styling, I was also part of a US-based magazine called Baby Couture not too long ago. And it’s always fun to experiment on little girls when it comes to clothes, with all the choices out there, right?

I had great style plans for my daughter: no use of anything pink the first year; nothing but neutrals the second year; plus a lot of black, scandalous statement tees, crazy accessories. However, when Sadako was finally out of her mommy’s tummy, not all plans pushed through. We were still able to ban anything and everything pink, but apart from that, I don’t think I was able to execute my style plans for her. In fact, in all honesty, I don’t think Sadako was a very stylish baby. No head-to-toe ensembles in one color. No fabulous hair accessories. No princess dresses. No funny adult get-ups.

I guess my practical side is to blame. I didn’t really want to shell out money on a lot of clothes (especially the expensive ones) knowing that they won’t fit Sadako anymore after a couple of months. (Sure, we could save them for the next baby, but we had—have—no plans of making/having another.) A lot of family and friends also gave us new and pre-loved clothes and accessories, and even if they weren’t Sadako’s style (meaning my style for Sadako), I opted to use them, making me not want to buy new stuff even more.

Even Sadako wasn’t as fasyown as I expected/wanted her to be. For example, during the first year or so, she hated it whenever I put accessories like belts, bracelets, sunglasses, caps, and hair accessories on her—so I just gave up.

Recently, however, things have started to change.

Sadako has been showing some interest in clothes and dressing up. One time, after some struggle, I was able to put a sequined headband with a huge flower on it on her, and when I said how pretty it looked on her (more like how pretty she is), she gave me a smile and went to the mirror to check how she looked. And then there was this time when I saw her playing with a piece of sheer cloth; she wrapped it around her body and ran around like some fairy. According to Honeybun, Sadako also likes to suggest specific clothes she wants to wear by getting them from the cabinet right after taking a bath. She also likes it when the towel is wrapped around her body (you know, like a tube dress)—she likes it so much she refuses to have it removed.

Now that my daughter is showing some interest in clothes, I have also followed suit. I’m still not buying her new stuff every week, but I have found myself styling her these past few days. I recently edited her wardrobe, making sure specific colors and styles are on top of the pile. Summer is around the corner so Sadako is welcoming it with a lot of bright colors and pieces like maxi dresses. And as much as I want to avoid spending money, I have no choice but to buy her some slingback slippers and sandals to go with her dresses and skirts. Her rubber shoes and ballet flats just won’t do the job this season so they are in hibernation mode.

I have also decided to finally start making clothes for Sadako. I’m starting simple with statement tees.

My desire to dress up my daughter has been reignited and while spending a fortune is not part of my plans, I know I’m still going to have lots of fun doing it. I can’t wait to mix and match (using more pre-loved items from friends and family, of course), create accessories for her (especially when she’s a little older na), and—okay—buy stuff.