I think I can live on gummy stuff.

I went crazy when I discovered gummy bears. The candy gods know how much I’ve spent buying gummy bears from Candy Corner.

And then I discovered that you can buy them in tubs. Sadly, I discovered that a tub didn’t last a day with me. So I tried extending the lifespan of a tub by eating two gummy bears with a block of dark chocolate. That kind of helped.

I also like gummy worms, especially the sour ones. I like it so much that it doesn’t take long before my jaw hurts, thanks to all the sourness of those worms. I actually hate it when that happens coz it means I need to take a break before I get to stuff my mouth with some more again.

I love gummy stuff in all forms, sizes, and flavors: lips, vampire mouths, burgers, loops, pizza slices. And now I have a new favorite—lizards. I discovered Trolli’s Sour Gecko over at Mini Stop some time ago and it was love at first sour bite. At around eight inches long and priced just P10, it’s a steal. Every time I go to Mini Stop I buy 10 pieces, just enough to last me the whole day.

Yesterday, I was doing the groceries and discovered some good news: each piece of Sour Gecko costs only P7.50. Of course, I just had to do some hoarding. See you next lifetime, Mini Stop!