I am a little ashamed to admit it, but the truth is that I really love Yayadoll, Sadako’s nanny. I think she’s heavensent.

Or maybe it’s just that I really missed having household help.

Because it wasn’t so long ago when Yayadoll was the source of a never-ending headache.

When Honeybun gave birth to Sadako, we were in dire need of a maid/yaya and we had our eye on Yayadoll because she’s tried-and-tested already. The problem was that Yayadoll, who is lesbian and is living with her girlfriend (named Bernadith Brian—I am not lying), couldn’t stay in the house. According to her, Bernadith Brian didn’t allow her. And so we settled for the next best thing: we hired her as a stay-out maid who would get paid on a per-day basis.

It didn’t take long before we realized it wasn’t a good set-up. Yayadoll would either arrive late, or ask if she could leave early. Worse, she wouldn’t go to work—and not inform us unless we send her a barrage of text messages and calls. The worst part was that we kind of had no control or choice (although, of course, we did). We couldn’t let her go because we were lazy to go through the whole process of finding a new maid. And she knew this. So even after going MIA for several days or even after neglecting our desperate text messages, it was still Yayadoll who would end up inside our house cleaning the CR or taking care of Sadako—but only when she’s free, of course.

Eventually, Honeybun and I got tired of the set-up (which went from daily to weekly to whenever-she-wants) and just dropped her. The interesting thing is that when we gave up on her, Yayadoll finally agreed to be a stay-in maid. The catch is that she gets to spend weekends with Bernadith Brian back at home. No biggie, if you ask us.

Yayadoll has been with us for a little over a week already and everything is going quite well so far, even if she has to leave every weekend.

There is food waiting for me when I get home. Somebody fetches me ice cubes from the ref downstairs (when I want a pitcher of really cold mango juice). The dishes instantly get washed. And best of all, I can focus on work knowing that my girls at home have an extra hand.

Scratch that. Because the best thing about having Yayadoll with us is how she can give me a world-class massage when I need—want even—one.

I really, really am grateful that she’s here with us.