I am a pretty adventurous eater; I will eat anything and everything—or at least try. But when it comes to breakfast buffets, I am a creature of habit. No matter how abundant the choices, my plate ends up with cereal, eggs, hash browns (with a seriously large amount of ketchup), and yogurt—every time. I don’t even check if there are popular breakfast favorites like fried rice, hotdogs, tapa, longganisa, and danggit because they do not interest me.

I guess you can blame the healthy eater in me. After all, cereal is full of fiber, yogurt is good for the tummy, eggs are ---, and hash browns are… well, fried in oil, crunchy, and tasty, especially when they’re swimming in an ocean of tomato ketchup.

It’s been a while since I last participated in a breakfast buffet, and the next time I do, I think I’ll skip the usual delicious suspects (this shall be one of my New Year’s resolutions as a foodie). I still love them, but I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of other yummy stuff there. Besides, there must be a reason why longganisa and danggit are always part of a breakfast buffet.