Mae used to be my editorial assistant and back when we were still officemates, we had lotsa fun even if we had a very professional working relationship. When she left the company, we still managed to hang out—and had a blast every time. In fact, I think we enjoyed ourselves even more after we stopped being officemates.

Mae is one of those people I do not have to regularly see or spend time with just so she can be considered a friend. I’d love to see her more, but we’re both busy with lots of other stuff, so we rarely get to see one another. In fact, the last time I saw her was last year. As in 12 months ago. But it’s always fun whenever we’re together. It’s like we were just together the other day.

Yesterday, we finally got to hang out. I was invited to the press preview for Repertory’s play Next Fall and since Mae is an actress, I invited her to accompany me.

It took a while before the play started and while waiting for it to begin, Mae saw people she knows—people from the theater industry, her industry. She even saw actors she admires. It didn’t take long before she morphed into a fangirl and asked for a photo opp with the great Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo.

And then the play started, which had her giggling and applauding. I knew she was the perfect person to tag along.

After the play, Mae and I grabbed dinner together with my other friends: Earl and Kenneth, who I don’t get to regularly see as well. We had a blast people-watching, exchanging stories about Mariah Carey, and getting tips on how to download porn.

I can’t wait to see this fun bunch again. And you know what, it doesn’t have to be after 12 months or just whenever. We agreed to videoke and get a massage altogether very, very soon. Oh, and grab dessert from McCafe, too.