Last Sunday, we were at the mall and Sadako kept on wailing every time she didn’t get her way.

She screamed her lungs out when I tried to stop her from breaking free from her stroller.

She sat on the floor and went cray cray every time she sensed we were “done” going up and down the escalators for the nth time.

She bawled and went Sisa every time we took the unpaid-for toys from her hands.

She made a scene when we got tired of carrying her and asked her to walk (or picked her up because we were getting tired running after her).

Yayadoll wasn’t with us but my sister was, so she was able to help us somehow. Still, there was no denying how difficult it was to stroll around the mall with a toddler like Sadako.

We didn’t stay long but I swear it felt like I was there the whole day.

Oh, how I miss those days when all Sadako could do was just stay put in bed and stare at us with her huge eyes. No walking, no crawling.

Crying. Screaming. Kicking.

This is just the start.