When I am sad, heartbroken, ecstatic, mad, or plain bored, ice cream is always the solution. It doesn’t even matter what flavor. But my favorite would have to be cookies and cream. It’s been my top choice for several years now, and I swear I don’t get sick and tired of it. When there are birthdays, reunions, or other events, and people ask which dessert we should get, there is only one suggestion from me: ice cream—cookies and cream flavor, of course.

However, since I am a huge fan of the frozen treat and I know there must be lots of awesome flavors out there, I don’t limit myself to just cookies and cream. In fact, when I go out and it’s time to get dessert, I make sure I get ice cream, but in a flavor I’ve never tried.

One of my favorites is the blue cheese ice cream from Sebastian’s. It’s not for everyone, the same way blue cheese is not for everybody. But if you adore blue cheese, then you will undoubtedly moan with every spoonful of this sweet treat. It even tastes better when drizzled with Palawan honey.

Blue cheese isn’t the only uncommon but tasty variant offered by Sebastian’s. There’s a whole lot more, and I can’t wait to try each and every one of them.

There is also this ice cream place called Bake & Churn, which serves ice cream cakes. They have rolls and whole cakes and mini-cakes, too, and you can even get a roll slice if you want to have just a taste. It’s a fun experience, although their flavors aren’t that unique. Nevertheless, Bake & Churn is still a must try, especially for kids or kids-at-heart who can’t decide whether they like cake or ice cream for dessert. Who said we can’t have both, anyway, right?