Someone gifted me a pack of seriously soft and chewy nougat last Christmas and the best thing about it is that it’s green tea-flavored. Now I love nougat and green tea so I finished the pack in 10 minutes. I especially loved the almond pieces.

Honeybun’s sister also went home for Christmas and she gave me a huge bar of nougat with pistachios (it looked like a mini detergent bar). It wasn’t as milky as I wanted it to be; it was overly sweet, too, but I nevertheless loved it (it was from France, after all). I finished it in a day.

I remember the nougat bars I bought in an airport in Hong Kong. They were supposed to be for pasalubong but after falling love at first bite, nobody got pasalubong from me. I actually want to go to Hong Kong just to be able to buy those nougat bars.

Oh well, at least there are still those nougat bars from my childhood days still available in the supermarket.