…fried chicken.

Some weeks ago, my sister told me how she’s been hearing about this chicken place called Manang’s, which serves—reportedly—really, really good fried chicken. I’ve heard a couple of people rave about it, too, so I’ve been very intrigued. As it turns out, there’s a branch a hundred steps away from our office. The problem is that it’s always packed. So the other day, Inside Pinoy Showbiz writer Jamie and I decided to have a late lunch to make sure we’d have seats when we go there. Fortunately for us, there were some seats available when we dropped by.

I heard that Manang’s chicken is kind of like Bonchon’s so I ordered for 2 cuts, assuming that they are sized small, just like in Bonchon (I just heard about this coz I’ve never been to Bonchon, loser me). Boy, was I wrong. While not monstrously huge, the chicken pieces were big enough I wasn’t able to finish my meal; I ended up finishing my chicken but consuming just half of my cup of rice.

Available in original, mildly spicy, and very spicy (I’m not sure about the last one coz the girl in the counter didn’t enunciate it clearly), the chicken pieces I got were not spicy at all, even if I went for the mildly spicy type. Despite that, I was pretty satisfied with the chicken: it’s crunchy skin covered in a sweet-salty (and semi-spicy) sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Now I can’t wait for my next lunch over there. I’ll go for the really spicy chicken, which I assume will be tolerable, plus I will try their side dishes, too.

And oh, one chicken piece should be enough.