I am a big fan of bananas. I like them plain, like straight from the bunch/bundle, but I won’t say no to a fancier kind, for dessert.

Like turon, for example. My yaya Helen makes the best turon. She puts langka, and uses the perfect amount of sugar to make it sweet and tasty (because others pour loads of sugar, ending up with a hard-bite piece).

When I went to Caramoan some years ago, I tasted the best turon ever (second to my yaya Helen’s, that is). They were thinner, drizzled with chocolate syrup, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and topped with vanilla ice cream. I was so in love with it that I ordered it a couple of more times before flying back to Manila. And when I got back to Manila, I missed it so much that I tried to duplicate it several times, each attempt never coming close to the original one.

I got to taste another excellent type of turon, this time when I went to Misbis Bay in Albay (what is up with Bicol and turon, right?). They were smaller, like lumpiang shangahi, had leche flan inside, and it came with a vanilla cream dip and sugared pili nuts on the side. Trust me, I let out a moan with every bite.

While I fancy turon, I am not exactly head over heels in love with banana cue. Blame it on the past banana cues I’ve had. Some of them had too much caramelized sugar, which made it hard for me to enjoy the banana. Others had bananas that weren’t cooked perfectly. I’m actually still waiting for that perfect banana cue that would bowl me over to Team Banana Cue.