Last December 2011, the GMA News TV show Fashbook invited me to be one of their guests for a segment where, together with host Solenn Heussaff and a couple of other guests, I had to comment on the best dressed and worst dressed celebs of the year.

Call time was 2pm and at around 1:30pm, my contact from the show told me that the two other guests—Divine Lee and Bekimon—were already there, and that cameras were supposed to roll at 2pm.


I felt rotten. Apart from making Divine and Bekimon (who are both actual celebs) wait, I was still in Makati and traffic was more horrendous than usual, which meant that they had to wait some more.

And so I told them to shoot without me (after apologizing for the nth time, of course). However, they explained that they really needed me to be there because my part was already in the script.

And so I hopped out of the car, took the MRT, and prayed that I’d make it.

The last time I rode the MRT was five years ago, so I naturally had a challenging time finding my way. But once I was inside the crammed train, I was fine. Not entirely fine, because the two men behind me were talking about their dicks—loudly.

But it felt good that I was actually nearing my destination with every second.

When I finally reached my stop, I wore my coat and ran like Nancy Navalta.

I almost went to a different building; good thing I asked manong guard for directions. When I got to the studio, all eyes were on sweaty, oily, panting me. I dropped my bag and went to my seat. After a very short brief, the cameras finally went rolling.

Lesson learned: if you don’t want to look oily and sweaty on national TV, don’t be late. I was so late I didn’t have a nano-second to even wipe my face with a sheet of oil blotter—or even a hanky. I was that late.

But I did get to beso Solenn and Div first before the cameras started to roll.

Watch Fashbook on GMA News TV 11 later at 10pm.