Despite a late Friday night spent in front of the computer, I woke up early this morning so I could spend quality time with my early-rising daughter. We baby-talked and hugged some, and when I wasn’t that groggy anymore, I took her out for a walk (odiba, parang aso lang).

Morning walks are beginning to be our thing. We do it on weekends and holidays. I actually look forward to them no matter how late I stay up on Friday nights.

Awhile ago, Sadako was clearly excited to leave the house and explore the outside world. She walked really fast and even dragged me coz I was apparently walking too slow. We went to Mini Stop and because I am father of the year, we had siopao and ice cream for breakfast.

Sadako’s a walker but she decided to sit comfortably in her stroller on our way back home.

Can’t wait for next weekend.