I was pretty excited to attend the Keds event at the Ronac Art Center yesterday.

Simple, selfish reason: I wanted a pair of Keds for myself, so I was really, really praying and hoping that a pair of Keds shoes was the giveaway. I doubted it, though.

When I got to the event and saw all the celebs, I momentarily forgot the desire for Keds of my own.

I met Ahron Villena—finally. I’ve always wanted to meet him and he was just so adorable.

I also met Kevin Cisco, who sings in Party Pilipinas. He’s also that superhero in that McDo TVC airing right now. Kevin was fun and chatty. I found out we share the same taste in music. And he made a girl run out of the room by flashing his six-pack. Not bad for someone who loves eating Mang Inasal.

Also present were Marvin Agustin, Karen Pamintuan (the very nice and lucky girlfriend of Brent Javier ;)), Sheree, and twins Anthony and David Semerad.

After rubbing knees and elbows with the celebs (and interviewing them—I didn’t forget I was there for work), I checked out all the amazing Keds shoes on display, which naturally made me crave a pair for myself. After all, I’ve never ever had Keds of my own. Yup, I’m a loser that way.

I left the event a winner, however. Apart from getting a GC for a pair of Keds as giveaway, I also won in the raffle. The prize? A pair of Keds shoes.

My 13-year old in me is so happy right now.