JML Philippines, which has an assortment of amazing home, beauty and health products (like hair irons, massagers, and grillers), recently brought their endorsers to SM Megamall for a meet-and-greet. JML products are being endorsed by certain members of the Philippine Volcanoes. Present during the event were three of them: Eric Tai, Andrew Wolff, and John Odulio.

I had no idea who Eric was, even after being informed that he used to be a hurado for the ABS-CBN 2 show Showtime. But basing on our short chat, he seems to be a nice, funny guy. He reminds me of a koala bear.

Andrew was late, but was instantly forgiven once he flashed one of his aww-inducing smiles. I’ve met him once and since I am a guy and he is straight, he didn’t remember me. I vow to change that, however (the remember part, not the straight part), by “accidentally” bumping heads with him three times a week since I know where he works.

And then there’s John, who is such a charmer. He didn’t do much. He wasn’t pa-bibo or very showbizzy. He was just silent most of the time. He just smiled. But there’s no denying how attractive this guy is. I totally understand why his fellow castaway Mara digs him.

Okay. Three down. Some more to go.