Yup, I’m not.

That means last month and this month, I didn’t overspend on overly sweet and creamy frapps.

And that means this year I didn’t suffer from gastroenteritis, which bothered me during past two consecutive Christmases (the holiday drinks obviously are to blame).

I wasn’t a big fan of the planner the first time I saw it. It’s actually beautiful—I love the color scheme and the materials used. I even liked the smaller size, eventually. But when I opened it, it just seemed like I won’t be able to enjoy writing on its pages.

And so after two years of using a Starbucks planner, I am breaking the short-lived tradition.

Fortunately for me, I’ve received around five different planners because of work.

Unfortunately, I don’t like any of them.

When I was shopping for gifts some days ago, I tried searching for the perfect planner.

Surprisingly, finding The One proved to be easy and fast.

I was reminded of just how the department store of SM is such a haven because it has everything, including planners, of course. Lots of planners, actually: in all sorts of sizes and colors and cover textures.

I ended up with a very small planner: a 3x5 one with a black textured cover and the year 2012 stamped on it. It’s a very simple planner, actually, and I think that is what I like about it. Even the pages are very plain (a day per page), with just the lines, the month, the day, and the date printed.

Sure, it kinda looks like a Moleskine wannabe, but I’m very happy with it. I can’t wait to pencil in some appointments.