Is it just me or it doesn’t really feel like it’s Christmas time already?

Blame it on Sendong, or the absence of that cool Christmas breeze every madaling araw.

For me, personally, there is one reason why I don’t feel the Christmas spirit: someone in the family is sick, and it’s hard to be 100% happy or be in a celebratory mood when someone you love isn’t all that well.

Because of this, we put up our tree just a couple of days ago. We haven’t started playing Christmas songs. And we haven’t finalized what we’ll be eating on Noche Buena and on Christmas day itself.

One thing I realized is that there are things that I can’t control and that turning to God does help. Immensely.

And while it is hard, I realized too that somehow, life goes on. It must go on. For you and for the other people you care about.

And so I finally continued shopping for gifts and started wrapping them.

I am 75% done.

And I have exactly four days to accomplish the remaining 25%.