How to shut a baby up when shopping? Give them something to play with. Ideally something colorful and something that makes little sounds. Oh, and let’s not forget cheap. Because as that famous sign says, Break it and you have to pay for it (or something like that).

Awhile ago, when we were inside Toy Kingdom looking for gifts for the kids, Sadako was her wild banshee self. So to shut her up, we gave her this gigantic Mickey Mouse stuffed toy. That shut her up for a while. But since it was too huge, we had a hard time going around. I tried to replace it with a smaller version but Sadako didn’t want it. Apparently, my daughter is a size queen. However, after some tricks and distractions, I was able to get the gigantic one and replace it with the little Mickey. That was hard, but taking it away from her when we needed to already leave Toy Kingdom was much harder.

After a while, we went to the department store to get some more gifts. Incidentally, Sadako got possessed by a wild banshee. I grabbed a roll of cheap (and ugly) giftwrapping paper and handed it to her. That did the trick. We were actually able to do some serious gift-choosing because the giftwrapper did a great job entertaining Sadako.

However, when it was time to leave, she didn’t want to let go of the roll. I could have paid for the giftwrapper since it was cheap, but since it was ugly—and therefore of no use—I didn’t want to cash out.

And so we strolled inside the department store for a while and after forever, Sadako fell asleep. I thought it was going to be easy to get the roll from her, but I was wrong. Every time I made an attempt, she’d jolt back to consciousness.

It took quite a while but I did get to separate them from one another.