I just said goodbye to my expensive Starbucks habit.

When tummyaches became frequent a month ago, I knew I really had to give up Starbucks and all its dairy and sugary goodness. After all, I didn’t want to suffer from that gastroenteritis thingy I had a couple of years ago.

So even if it breaks my heart, I now have to say no whenever the baristas confidently “ask” me if I want my regular venti iced chai tea latte.

And oh, don’t ask me about my sticker card for the Starbucks planner.

Taking the place of Starbucks (and all these milk tea places I try) is a juice bar called Mondo Juice. There is one in Robinsons Galleria, which is near my office, so whenever I have lunch there, I make sure I grab a cup.

I’ve already tried around five of their drinks, and I am very satisfied with each and every one of them. I actually can’t wait to try everything else on the menu—even the cakes and sandwiches, too.

I am not a big fan of coffee, but awhile ago, I went ahead and tried one of their caffeinated drinks—Banana Buzz—since I was feeling a little sad and bogged down. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I could taste both the banana and coffee flavors; it had just the perfect blend of fruit and coffee.

Now I really can’t wait to taste the other offerings.

The drinks aren’t that cheap, but when I remember how healthy they are (they’re made of fruits, after all, plus they don’t use sugar), I don’t feel that bad about cashing out.

I can’t wait to try their guyabano drink tomorrow.

Sorry, Starbucks.