Chef Ramon Antonio is the one to blame for the weight I packed on, thanks to all of his irresistibly delicious creations for Misibis Bay Resort.

He whipped up a lot of mouth-watering dishes for our group during our four-day stay in the resort, when I totally forgot about my diet.

I don’t even know where to start. Seriously.

Hmmm. Come to think of it, I’ll start with the desserts since I usually do so whenever I participate in buffets.

Over at Spice market, the resort’s restaurant, cake slices and bars were in abundance, from brownies and carrot bars with cream cheese to pili pie, from tiramisu and all sorts of cheesecake to this decadent chocolate torte that was truly moan-inducing.

One of Spice Market’s best offerings is the leche flan turon, which is good because it’s not too sweet—surprisingly. Interestingly, it is a little savory because of the leche flan’s egg flavor. The dessert comes with vanilla sauce and candied pili.

My favorite desserts, however, are simpler. I really enjoyed the snickerdoodles and the nutty chocolate chip cookies, which were always within reach. They were available during every meal, just there in the buffet table, calling me; and they were even on plates inside the rooms, plus in jars during our trips.

I also will never forget the chocolate truffles that were covered in desiccated coconut and white chocolate shavings. I really, really miss them right now. :(

I just have to say that Misibis also offered healthy desserts; there was an abundance of fruits, actually. It’s just that I ignored them.

I don’t think I can go on with the rest of the food now. This post made me crave for something sweet, so you have to excuse me now. I need to steal some of Sadako’s Stik-o sticks while she’s focused on Sesame Street.