When our IPS writer Jamie went to Misibis Bay Resort some months ago, to chronicle Manny and Jinkee Pacquaio’s vacation there, she went back to the office with a lot of stories.

One story was about how a non-driver like her had the balls to actually try the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)—and how she almost hit a tree.

A non-driver myself, I had no plans of driving the ATV (and hitting a tree), no matter how much it’s supposed to be as easy as driving a bump car. I actually didn’t want to ride one, but ended up doing so—all for rapport with the rest of the team. I didn’t really want to be the one who’d skip the physical activities and just go for the spa (although I really, really wanted to go to the spa that time).

In our team, I was one of the two who didn’t take the wheel. But let me clarify things. Nina actually wanted to drive, but she ran out of ATVs. I really didn’t want to drive.

And so I ended up backriding—complete with a helmet, of course (which made me look like one of those creatures that Mario hops on). My driver was Harold, our photographer, and since we were riding a motorbike, I looked like a complete sissy. Kulang na lang yumakap ako sa kanya.

It wasn’t that bad, actually. It was just like being in a bump car, but out there in the highway.

The next day, another ATV ride was scheduled for us. Despite the realization that it wasn’t that dangerous—it’s actually very fun—I still decided to be a passenger. This time, however, I selected one of those that looked like a car. I chose another driver, too: PJ, my officemate.

This ride was very different. We had to go somewhere very, very far (I later realized, when I looked at our resort from the hilltop) and the road was very rocky. The route was so scary that there were several times I wanted to hop out of the ATV and just go to the destination by foot. But I didn’t, of course.

After some nerve-wracking minutes, we got to our destination—a hilltop, where we spent a lot of time doing jump shots. OMG. I never knew jump shots were so fun—especially when you have a professional photographer taking your photos. I wanna do it again, definitely, but preferably with no ATVs involved.

I’m back in Manila now and I kind of miss the ATVs. I think I’m going to go ride the bump cars this weekend.