I’m such a bad traveler. I didn’t buy a single piece of pasalubong for anyone.

Not that I didn’t have the chance.

Coz on our way to one of our destination, we did pass by a series of stalls selling bags, d├ęcor, purses, and other stuff.

I could have purchased some of these adorable giraffe and reindeer decors.

I could have bought my officemates these cute bear and dog knickknacks (that reminded me of those eskobas for kubetas).

But I didn’t.

I thought I’d have the chance again, especially in the airport.

But even there, I forgot my traveler duties. I knew they were selling some pasalubong there somewhere, but since I was still groggy (it was very early, and I had a lot of drinks just some hours earlier), I decided to just sit and wait for our flight.

Next thing I knew, I was already back in Manila. And my bag was as light as it was when I left for Legazpi.