When I went to Misibis Bay Resort last weekend, I tried the Segway Personal Transporter (PT). This mode of transportation is some sort of a bicycle; it has two wheels, but instead of one of the wheels being positioned in front of the other, the two wheels are side by side. You stand on a platform, like you’re on a unicycle—but without having to sit (since there’s no seat). And there is no pedaling involved. For this high-tech vehicle to move (forward), you need to lean forward. If you want it to move backward, then you just have to lean backward. To turn sideways, you have to maneuver the handle, which looks like that of a bike’s. But instead of rotating it, you just need to pull it to the side.

After strapping on a helmet, elbowpads, and kneepads, and then impatiently waiting for a Segway PT expert to finish giving me a very important five-minute briefing, I hopped on my PT and then leaned forward.

I became an expert in less than five minutes.

I was so good at it that I quickly grew tired of going around in little circles inside the practice area indoors and wanted to try the PT in a bigger space. Unfortunately, since it was already night time, we weren’t allowed to use it outdoors, even in the garden. So I had to settle for the dining room.

Which was perfectly fine with me, even if diners would stare.

I loved riding the PT so much that in our group, I was the last one who stepped off of it—even if I actually didn’t want to get off yet.

The next day, another PT session was scheduled. I signed up for it, of course. And since the sun was still out, we got to ride it outdoors. We started in the garden, and then treaded the path to the resort’s villas. After that, we even went outside the resort and explored the roads during sunset.

After an hour or so (although it felt like just 10 minutes), our group was back at the resort for dinner. I didn’t want to part ways with my PT but it was already time to let go, and so I let go.

I can’t wait to go back to Misibis Bay Resort and reunite with my Segway PT.

Unless Santa gives me one for Christmas.