My relatives from New Zealand flew back to the country last September and vacationed with us for a whole month. It was awesome, of course, even if it was just my tita Ann and her kids Trina and Ikoy (her hubby and other kids Tweet and Mika had to stay there).

It was just like the good old days. The house was alive and noisy. There was lots of laughter and food. And staying up was extra fun, thanks to DVDs, junk food, and great company.

It was especially great for Sadako, who all of a sudden, was surrounded with other people—and loved the company, from her relatives to her relatives’ guests.

Sadako is usually shy and teary-eyed when with new faces. It takes her days to warm up to people. But with tita Amm, she was amazingly welcoming. Same with Trina and Ikoy. In fact, Sadako was a huge fan of her kuya Ikoy. She’d cry every time he left the room, and when together, she’d even sit on his lap and kiss him.

So when it was time for the guys to fly back to New Zealand, we made sure Sadako won’t say bye to them. We knew it’d break her heart. It happened with some relatives already.

When Ikoy and the others were already back in New Zealand, we at home decided to never mention any of their names, afraid she’d look for them and end up disappointed coz they’re no longer around.

One time, I heard Sadako baby talking. She was going on and on and on, and when I looked at her, she was pointing at my PC monitor, which had a photo of her kuya Ikoy. She was clearly missing him.

Can’t wait to see Ikoy and the others again. Can’t wait for Sadako to be with her other relatives again.

I love my family.