Usually, our Saturdays as a family are spent just at home. No matter how late I sleep on Friday night, I make sure that I wake up early the next morning so that Sadako and I could bond watching Yo Gabba Gabba! and the new Hi5 on TV5 (while Honyebun catches up on sleep). After the shows, it’s my time to catch up on the Z’s.

Nothing much happens, really. We just watch more TV, eat, and play. But at the end of a whole day of being with Sadako and Honeybun, even if we don’t do anything grand, there’s still so much fulfillment.

Sometimes, when I have the energy, we go out. Yesterday, Dora and Diego were visiting a nearby mall so I decided to take my girls there and meet the two. When we arrived, lots of parents and their kids were already there—as expected—all of them impatiently waiting for the two mascots. A minimum purchase of P500 was needed so we could get in and have seats, but we didn’t have the time to buy something and then line up so we just went near the stage so Sadako could have a good look at Dora.

After 30 minutes of waiting, however, there was still no sign of Dora or Diego. Tired and hungry, we decided to give up our spots and grab some food. When we returned, Diego was already onstage, having a photo opp with everyone—one by one! Since Diego doesn’t do anything to Sadako and we knew it was going to take a while, we just took a stroll first. When we got back, however, the whole thing was done. We missed Dora!

So we just asked Sadako to pose with the Dora on the tarp, which thankfully was perfectly fine with her. I’m sure things will change once she’s a little older. I’ve seen how some kids would bawl and make a scene at the mall if the parents didn’t buy them a toy or some candy.

Fortunately for Honeybun and I, our little one’s still at that stage when we could still trick her or divert her attention when she wants something and we don’t want to budge.

Before going home, we tried some rides. Sadako loved them and when we ran out of tokens and told her it was time to go home, she didn’t want to leave. Oh no. It’s started!