Yesterday, I was invited to the launch of a new ETC show called Etcetera, which promises to be the authority on everything fresh, fabulous, chic, and cool. It has two new faces as hosts: Patti Grandidge and Kim Jones. The two share a lot of similarities: they have Filipino blood; they are models; and they are tall, stunning, pretty, and charming. Patti and Kim also do not have any previous hosting experience but despite this are naturals in front of the camera and other people. Their show premieres this Sunday on ETC at 7:45pm. I haven’t seen it yet but I am very excited. Something tells me I’m going to see these girls more.

After the interviews, Patti and Kim got me thinking, actually. I know that being a girl is fun, especially nowadays, with all the freedom and opportunities available and how people are open-minded, but I bet being a girl’s also quite challenging nowadays because everyone’s so talented and stylish and pretty and charming and unique! I bet it can get very competitive when it comes to men, career, or even online fame!

Good thing I’m a guy.

Still, I want to be a girl next lifetime. A human girl, okay?

Because I know someone who always prays to be a female next lifetime. I asked him, “Babaeng ipis, okay lang?” that was when he learned how to be specific.

Be careful what you wish for, as they say—especially when you’re not specific about it. You might get your wish—kind of—and regret it.