Last year, Sadako celebrated her first Halloween when she was seven months old. We dressed her as Corpse Bride. We used a beautiful baptismal dress that my aunt wanted us to use for Sadako’s baptism. But since back then we still didn’t have any plans to have her baptized, we opted to use it for another occasion: Halloween. I hope my aunt was okay with it. At least we still got to use it, right? To complete Sadako’s costume, we gave her a hubby: Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

We paraded Sadako at the mall, and she was a big hit, although a lot of people didn’t get who she really was.

This year, it was a no-brainer; we’d dress her up as Dora, her favorite. A little too normal, but I’m sure it’s what she wants, too. And the resemblance is so uncanny. Plus putting the whole get-up looks easy.

That’s what I thought. Last week, I went to a couple of malls and couldn’t find a plain pink shirt (in fairness, I was being OC-OC and I wanted the shade closest to Dora’s tee) and a pair of orange shorts. Who knew plain-colored clothes for kids were so hard to find?

When I woke up yesterday morning, I realized Sadako was going to join the neighborhood trick-or-treat in the afternoon—and she still didn’t have a costume. And so while she and Honeybun were still asleep, I dashed off to the mall to get a plain pink tee and a pair of orange shorts.

After 15 minutes, I finally got my plain pink tee. The sleeves were a little ballooned but since I couldn’t find a plain tee in the right shade, that one had to do.

I spent another 15 minutes looking for a pair of orange shorts. There wasn’t any, actually, so I settled for a pair of orange tights that I would just fold, I thought.

Before heading home, I purchased a purple backpack, and Burger McDo for Sadako.

When I got home, I instantly showed Sadako and Honeybun what I bought. Sadako liked the burger. Honeybun liked the shirt and the backpack. She didn’t like the pair of tights, which she pointed out were red—not orange. After staring at it for 10 seconds, I realized I’ve gone colorblind.

I panicked. Trick-or-treat was a couple of hours away and I seriously didn’t want to go out again and look for some orange shorts. Luckily, Honeybun found a pair that was just inside Sadako’s closet for the longest time. Solved.

By the time we realized we didn’t have yellow socks and a beaded bracelet, it was already time to go trick-or-treating.

So tomorrow na lang.