I used to have some sort of an adopted son. There were times when he’d sleep over at my place but during the start of our relationship, I would just borrow him, spend a whole day with him, and then return him to his relatives. Every time I’d give him back, he’d cry a waterfall. It broke my heart but I have to admit it also felt good. I felt needed and wanted and loved. He wasn’t biologically mine but it felt so deeply bittersweet. I wondered back then how it would feel like to say bye and leave for work when I already have my own kid.

So now I have my own little one. Unfortunately for attention-deprived me, Sadako’s such a snob. Whenever I say bye when I leave for work, she doesn’t just refuse to kiss me, she totally ignores me, no matter how loud I say bye or how big I wave.

I am glad to announce though that there’s been some development. She now waves bye—quite passionately, actually—whenever I leave for work. And it makes my heart burst every time. She looks so cute whenever she does her wave that it makes me want to not go to work.

Now I can’t wait for her to actually kiss me bye whenever I have to go to work. I have to be content with her waves for now, though.