Now that your taste has (hopefully) grown sophisticated, you are sure to appreciate these sweet treats that young trick-or-treaters definitely won’t be interested in.

Almond Joy

Not everyone likes desiccated coconut—especially kids—even if it is covered in chocolate. This is not your regular candy bar so it may take some getting used to, but do give it a try because it can get addicting once you realize its uniqueness.

Durian pastillas de leche

Less pungent than the actual fruit, these candies tend to be very sweet (condensed milk-sweet) but the unique taste of the infamous Davao specialty proves that it’s really better eaten than smelled.

Theo and Philo’s Labuyo, Green Mango & Salt, and Ginger chocolate bars

No kid would even want to take a nibble from any of these bars once you tell them the flavors. These uncommon and intriguing flavors are must-try’s for any chocolate-lovers.

Ritter Sport Rum and Raisin

You wouldn’t really want little ones to take a bite from these rum-laced bars. Not just because they’re not supposed to be near anything with alcohol, but also because this variant is so good you’d want to consume every bar yourself. Just like alcohol, it can get addicting.

Kitkat in exotic flavors

Those Kitkat bars in mint and orange flavors available in supermarkets are nothing compared to unusual flavors from different countries: candied sweet potato, apple vinegar with white chocolate, watermelon and salt, pumpkin, red bean soup, pineapple, soy sauce, and ginger ale. Very fascinating, but you’d have to fly there yourself or ask a friend to send you some to get to taste them.