It was my first time to attend the Star Magic Ball last night and when I realized I was running late on my way to the Manila Peninsula, where it was being held, I got nervous. Sure, being fashionably late is cool sometimes, but I was there to work. I didn’t want to miss out on anyone and anything. I wanted to see every red carpet arrival. I wanted to check out the gimmicks, surprise pairs, and reactions. And I wanted to mingle, too, of course.

Apparently, I wasn’t that late, so it was perfect. In our room on the sixth floor, I quickly changed into my Francis Libiran, had my hair done (but did my own makeup since I really wanted to rush downstairs already), popped in some mints, and dashed to the lobby.

Rikka (our executive editor) and I had to do the red carpet so after posing for the photogs (which we had to do excellently since we wanted to do our designer proud), we proceeded to the cocktails area and mingled.

It was so good to see a lot of familiar faces, from celebs to members of the media, especially because I don’t get to see most of them all the time, or the last time I saw them was years ago.

It was a joy to see the celebs I “know” and who “know” me back. (Emphasis on the quotation marks, okay?)

Like Gerald Anderson, who I am pretty sure didn’t recognize me, even if I’ve interviewed him three or so times already. We exchanged smiles, hi’s, and hairstyle compliments, but I’m pretty sure he had no idea who I am.

Some of them didn’t recognize me instantly, the lightbulb going ding only when I reminded them when and where we worked together. Examples: Venus Raj, who I interviewed over lunch for S Magazine before she flew to the Miss U and place; Marie Digby, who I interviewed and art directed for a shoot during her first time in the Philippines; John Lloyd Cruz, who I met in Batangas during his Tabing Ilog/Blue Soda days (we even have a photo together—inside his hotel room!); and Enchong Dee, who I interviewed for Garage years ago, and who I FB and SMS with once a month or so.

Of course, it was funner to see celebs I know and know me back (emphasis on the absence of quotation marks, okay?), like my officemate Hiyasmin Neri, my ex-boss Diether Ocampo, plus Dino Imperial, Lovi Poe, Sam Concepcion, JM Rodriguez, and more.

It was equally great meeting new people, such as Ram Sagad, Xian Lim, Dimples Romana, Heart Evangelista (yes, she was there), and Gabby Concepcion, who was red after his first tube of champagne.

There are several highlights, from fashion blunders (read the October issue of Inside Showbiz magazine, and check out later to see them) to celebs acting crazy and/or normal, but I have my own list of personal highlights, too.

First was meeting the iconic Attorney Joji Alonso. She is the executive producer of the very successful Ang Babae sa Septic Tank, which means nothing to me. She is THE Attorney Joji. That alone made me blush when we were introduced.

Second was seeing Lovi Poe again. It’s been too long since I last saw her, and when we were together the last time, it was really, really fun, so I missed her. After fake-dancing while getting buzzed, I went back to our table. I encountered Lovi dancing with Dimples and since my way was blocked, I danced with them—Lovi, in particular—for a while. Before long, Jake Cuenca (her date to the recent Temptation Island screening and her partner in the film My Neighbor’s Wife) was with us—and I swear he was giving me the look. Lovi and I were dancing and he was just there standing in front of me, not moving, and giving me the look. As in the “dude, you’re dancing with my girlfriend” look. LOLers!!!

My third and final highlight was meeting The Kiray Celis, who I’ve been Twitter-stalking for a while now. I love Kiray to bits, and I find her to be very attractive. She’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to attend the Ball, actually. She tweeted about how she was going to wear a dress she designed herself so I was excited to see that, too. She arrived in a semi-scandalously sexy dress, revealing a lot of skin. Plus she was escorted by Markki Stroem. How’s that for an arrival?

Later on in the event, when the lights were blinking and everyone was dancing, I got to have my moment with Kiray. Our group was dancing near Kiray’s group, which included Markki. Rikka asked me to take a photo of her with Markki, and then asked Kiray to pose with me for a photo. And Kiray was so nonchalant. She was busy with her phone. She didn’t ask for my name, didn’t look me in the eye, and didn’t say thanks or acknowledge my presence after the shot. I didn’t even look at our photo right after coz I was sure she was just whatevs with it.

And that was how my crush with Kiray ended.