A year or so ago, I met 100 Percent, the all-male vocal group composed of Tim, Rex, Aaron and Justin. They were just starting out back then, but I remember being impressed upon seeing their performances on YouTube. Not only did they choose great songs to cover, they made sure they breathed new life to them as well. Impressed, I featured them in our old magazine, S.

Recently, I got to work with the guys again, when I decided to feature them in my new magazine, Inside Showbiz. And woah, what a difference a year makes. They look better. They have grown more confident and more comfortable in their own skin. Their voices have improved as soloists and as a group. And they just look and sound more solid than ever.

The boys have also been getting more work. Apart from out-of-town gigs, they also have performances in Enchanted Kingdom, plus a single. Before you know it, they’re already promoting their debut album—something we are so excited about.

Read more about the boys in the September issue of Inside Showbiz magazine.