I don’t know exactly when and how it started but once upon a time, several of my friends started to give up movie dates, booze nights, clubbing hard, and partying till the wee hours. The reason? Quiz nights. Not anything new, a quiz night is basically a trivia game where several groups answer the trivia master’s questions, given a time limit. The group with the most number of correct answers after a certain number of rounds wins. Usually held in a bar, quiz nights have become a craze and addiction, prompting establishments to hold their own, and attracting more and more know-it-alls to join.

While I am admittedly a know-it-all sometimes, joining a quiz night never crossed my mind—no matter how much my friends tried to convince me. It’s lotsa fun and addicting, they said. And it’s supposedly a great way to unwind after a stressful day at work, according to an officemate. Despite all their prodding, I didn’t budge, opting to just head home after 6pm every time. Besides, a pitcher of drinks, a bottle of wine, or some GCs from the bar—some of the prizes usually given by the hosting establishment—didn’t appeal to me at all.

However, when I received an invitation from Globe Telecom to participate in a quiz night they were hosting, I said yes—because they had cool prizes for the winning team.

Six groups were competing that night at 121 Grille and Bar: Team Magazine, Team Bloggers, Team Twitter, Team Advertising, Team Globe, and Team Newspaper, which I was part of. We were 9 in the group and while it was the first time I met most of them, I was confident we’d win because we belonged to different beats and age range.

At first, I didn’t want to participate and end up looking like an overexcited nerd. I have to admit though that by the second question, I was already acting like the overexcited nerd. I was so into it that I ended up grabbing the white board and the marker from my teammate so I can write the answer and raise the board myself.

It was indeed fun, as all my friends have been telling me. It felt so good every time we got the correct answer, and even when we didn’t get it right (especially when we already knew the correct answer and just changed it the last minute), it was still fun to complain. The hard categories (like geography and technology) were challenging but they made my teammates and I closer, despite all the arguments before agreeing on our final answer. There were fun categories, too, like entertainment (where there were lots of That’s Entertainment-related questions) and bomba stars (where Team Magazine excelled in—thanks to members from FHM).

Our quiz night was special: for some of the questions, we were allowed to use our cellphones to help us look for the answers. In our team, two people were designated to use their phones; one was in charge of Googling, the other was our Wikipedia guy. Actually, even for the questions that prohibited us from using our cellphones, we still went ahead and used our phones. Yup, we cheated. But we saw the other teams cheating as well! So in the end, it was really a game among those with the best Googling skills.

I think the guys from Globe Telecom were reminding us of just how much we have become dependent on technology, especially the internet. Come to think of it, I think that was actually their point. We can’t live without the internet—and we want to be online all the time, wherever we are.

Fortunately for netheads, Globe has come up with some solutions. There is the Globe Prepaid PowerSurf15, which is available for only 25 centavos per minute or 15 pesos for an hour, and is consumable for an entire day’s use. No need to stay at home or go to an internet cafĂ© just to go online with this very affordable mobile internet plan.

Those with a Globe postpaid plan can also enjoy mobile internet anywhere and everywhere with the Globe Postpaid PowerSurf, giving subscribers bulk megabytes of mobile data consumable per kilobyte and valid for 30 days.

Now that I’d finally joined my first ever quiz night—and enjoyed it—I can’t wait to join another one. The one I attended actually gave me an idea: quiz nights where teams can use the internet care of their mobile phone is actually a good twist to the usual quiz night.

By the way, my team lost. We ended up in second place—without the cool prizes, not even a round of drinks for everyone. That’s all right. I’m pretty sure that in the next quiz night I join, I will do everything in my power for my team to win.

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