I’ve always been a fan of Solenn Heussaff ever since I saw her on Survivor. Apart from being beautiful, which is a no-brainer, I just find her so cool. She’s so chill, and she’s multi-talented. Plus she’s witty.

I interviewed her for the site some days ago and we instantly hit it off, since we like Amy Winehouse and we know some common people. She gave fun answers as well.

Awhile ago, I attended her album launch at Red Box in Eastwood, where she sang a couple of songs. She looked amazing, as expected. She candidly answered questions from the media, and she even shared how she has a thing for bald men, making all the straight men in the room want to go to the barbershop after that. Someone said, “Kaya pala gusto mo si Derek Ramsay dati,” to which she said, “May buhok pa siya nun!”

Solenn also revealed that she’s dating someone right now—and that he has hair, but that he might shave them all days from now.

Everyone wanted a clue.

Pinoy? Nope.

Brazilian? Nope, they don’t have a personality, she said.

Finally, she caved in. Argentinian.

Lucky guy.