I ate like it was my last day on earth awhile ago. We had a shoot at Grappa’s and the food was just too good to ignore: pizzas (my favorite was the one with prosciutto and artichoke so I didn’t even bother to take a photo coz I was too busy gorging slices), huge ass shrimp on mashed potato, osso bucco and risotto, plus some panna cotta with fruits. It was pure heaven. Saying there was nothing chocolatey. But I did enjoy my lunch awhile ago.

Afterwards, I dashed off to interview the Maria Aragon who was just pure joy to be with. Sabrina and Sophie, the daughters of Maria’s managers, joined us, and it was so much funner with them around. We did the interview while everyone was doodling—including me. I drew them alien supermodels to color, while the sweet Maria drew a spot-on version of me!

Oh, and we had some really good bibingka from Bibingkahan. It was so good I want a box now because I am back at home and there’s a tub of cottage cheese in the ref.