As some of you would know, I used to be part of the team that handled the modeling career of Fil-Brit footballers James and Phil Younghusband—before they were Azkals.

Right after I quit, a huge mess between Phil and my former boss happened. I honestly don’t know what really transpired. While I kept in touch with the boys, I never asked about the fight.

I eventually lost touch with the boys, but recently, I reconnected with James on Twitter and we’ve been texting ever since. I haven’t seen him again yet, so when I got attended the Century Tuna press con for endorsers Phil and Angel Locsin, I was hoping James would be there. I texted him when I got there, and he said he wouldn’t be joining Phil. Oh well, some other time perhaps.

Before I left, I got to say a quick hi to Phil and it was as if we just saw each other yesterday. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Super LOLers!

Now I really can’t wait to see James again.