Yesterday, I attended the Teen Wolf press premiere. It was at New World Hotel’s Palladium, which looks really nice.

The event was well-attended; the venue pretty packed. I met some cool people from Summit (am I allowed to say that? LOLers), bumped heads with some celebs I know (like Geoff Taylor), met celebs (Francheska Fart and the adorable Alden Richards), and re-met a celeb (Rhian Ramos, who clearly didn’t remember I interviewed her years ago for two hours—I am not bitter, okay).

The highlight of my day was meeting The Viktoria, aka the MTV Queen. I’ve always been a fan so when she accepted my friend request on Facebook, I was ecstatic. Imagine how many cartwheels I did every time she would tag me or like my post/status. Interestingly, I was well-composed when I saw her arrive at the event. I instantly went up to her when I spotted her. What a fanboy!

It was also great to see Solenn Heussaff, AXN Beyond’s Wolf Mate ambassador for the show, in flesh for the very first time. She is such a goddess! Although she was a statue on stage.

Oh, I almost forgot about the show! We screened the first episode and while it was simple and predictable and nothing life-changing, it was great fun. The guys look hot, especially the bida (who looks like Hiro Magalona from Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman), but the girls are so forgettable. I hope they’re growers, for the show’s sake. In fairness, the show has all the right ingredients: attractive stars, supernatural creatures, teenage drama, plot twists, action, topless scenes. It looks like I’ll tune in.