Is ice cream. Cups and cups of ice cream. Scratch that. Half gallon tubs of ice cream. There’s no need for cups. I will gladly eat from the tub—and not share.

I can’t wait to try that Reese’s-inspired one, although I’m a little nervous because I didn’t like the Kisses-inspired one; it didn’t remind me of Kisses at all. I don’t know why the ice cream came in both vanilla and chocolate, and why there is fudge. And the supposed little Kisses weren’t small versions of the actual ones. They were just Kisses-shaped chocolate chips.

But I’m easy to please, especially during these hot summer days. Give me Selecta’s cookie and cream and I will stay in the corner and be one happy boy. Give me cheese ice cream and I’ll happily and silently nibble on those little cheese bits. Give me vanilla even, and I will moan with every bite.

But what I really, really like now is that blue cheese ice cream from Sebastian’s, preferably with Palawan honey. I really, really want it now.