And I like it that way—because I LOVE mint chocolate.

Which means that whenever there’s pasalubong from the US, I don’t have to run towards the balikbayan box to make sure I get the mint chocolates. Nobody likes them anyway so they always end up with me.

I don’t get why people don’t get mint chocolate. I just don’t.

Alma Aranaz hates mint chocolate. Last week, his dad went home and brought him a box of assorted chocolates. After a couple of days all of them were gone—except for a box of Noblesse mint chocolate thins. Alma Aranaz gave them to me, and wondered how I finished everything in one sitting, when they remained untouched back at his home for several days.

I’ve never seen Noblesse here in the country (It originated in Sweden, I think), but fortunately, we’ve got some other mint chocolates. Can’t wait to go to the grocery this weekend and buy some.