I attended the Justin Bieber press conference awhile ago. It was all right. Just another day at work for me. No elephants playing hopscotch on my chest. No hyperventilation. No shaking and sweaty palms.

The other press people were apparently fans though. Some brought books on him (maybe hoping for an autograph). Some wore Bieber shirts. My editor Pam wore the singer’s nail polish. I can’t believe he has nail polish named after him. And a lot of them wore purple (Justin Bieber’s favorite color I discovered that day), from Tim Yap (who donned a purple jacket) to Pam (who wore her purple DMs). One even changed to a purple shirt right then and there. My seatmate assumed I was also a huge fan. She pointed out that my ponytail holder (yup, I ponytail my mohawk when I want a more subtle look) was purple. Of course, I didn’t pick a mini-scoonchie in Bieber’s fave shade just because I was attending his press con (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Thing is, while I won’t pull my hair, cry and scream my lungs out for Justin, I admit that I actually find him talented. I loved him back when he was just starting out and putting out all these covers on YouTube. I even have his CD (the record label sent me a copy), and know—like even—several of his songs.

I didn’t go to the concert, but I heard that he was such a trooper, carrying on with the show despite feeling sick and throwing up backstage in between songs.

Okay, I’m a semi-fan.

I’m a little afraid to watch his movie. Pam and some other people I know became super fans after watching it.

I have nothing to watch this weekend though…