My tita My was born on October 31, my tita Pinky November 1, and my tita Tata November 2.

LOLers, right?

November 1 this year falls on a Monday so it was once again a non-working holiday. My plan was to spend quality time with Sadako at home since we never get to spend a lot of time together. In the morning, before I go to work, she’s wide awake but I am busy preparing for work; at night, she’s deep in slumber when I arrive and I seriously have to already sleep when she wakes up.

Plans suddenly changed when my tito Carlo—tita Pinky’s hubby—called me to attend a surprise party he’s throwing for her. Cool, I thought. I’d still get to spend quality time with my daughter, free food pa.

And so we dashed off to Little Quiapo in ParaƱaque, which was one of the few restaurants open that day. We waited a while and when tita Pinky opened the door, it was perfectly just like a movie scene. Face of surprise, some tears, applause, and my favorite, food being served!

What was on the table? Pansit bihon, kare-kare, crispy pata, lumpiang shanghai, fried chicken, pinakbet. I skipped the pansit, lumpia, and crispy pata, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat a lot. As usual, I stuffed my self silly, especially with the kare-kare, since the bagoong was so good. you know that it’s really the bagoong that makes kare-kare!

Afterwards, we discovered that the malls were open already so we killed time there, meaning we overspent buying food and ate some more (KFC Chili Lime!).

And then we went home, tired, full, but fulfilled.