Sadako's hair is finally growing longer, so she looks more like a girl now.

I've just realized how challenging it is to handle her hair. For starters, we can't just use any scrunchie or headband on her; we need to make sure they're soft and safe and comfy.

Fortunately for me, I found a bag of these small ponytail holders--they're a lot, and cheap, and they come in different colors, so it's quite a steal.

However, when I attempted to tie Sadako's hair, she didn't cooperate. She just didn't want those ponytail holders near her locks.

After what seemed like forever, I finally got to style her hair. And you have to congratulate me because she ended up having three ponytails. I didn't like the bangs that were left when I did pigtails, so I tied the bangs into a ponytail as well.

But yeah, I know, it looks like a mess. LOLers.