My aunt, tita My, is so lucky because she was born on October 31. I’d love to be born on the same day—imagine having a birthday party and Halloween party in one!

We used to live with her and her family, and we left a couple of months before Honeybun popped, since we needed our own place; a bigger one, since someone was about to join us.

After we left, which was almost over a year ago, we rarely got to visit or see her and the kids, who we were very close with (we introduced Danielle and Demon-ique to Lady Gaga and Heidi Montag).

And so last October 31, we made sure we dropped by to celebrate her birthday.

The kids—who are all so big now—were so excited to see Sadako and play with her. We didn’t have a lot of time together; it was all a blur: pacifying Sadako (who was restless because of the new environment and the new faces), catching up with the grown-ups, exchanging updates with the kids, and eating, of course.

We had chicken from KFC (they should have ordered Chili Lime though), pizza, pork barbecue, cake, and ice cream. As expected, I stuffed myself silly. (That long weekend, by the way, was the bomb. It was full of food and overeating.)

But going back to the kids, it was really great seeing them again. Danielle looks the same but had a lot of updates; Demon-ique looks more modelish now, having grown taller and thinner; and JB looked like he had a growth spurt—he’s 3 years old, but he looks like 6!

When it was time to go home, Danielle and the kids were sad. Time flew by, and as much as we wanted to stay, we needed to rush home to catch the gate. Sadako too was fidgety and sleepy already.

With how busy we are, I know that it’s gonna take a while before we get to see them again, but I hope we get to be with them again very, very soon. And hopefully, there’d be food—a lot of food.