Any parent would know how extremely difficult and challenging it is to put a baby to sleep.

There are times when no matter how many bottles of milk you feed them, how gracefully or passionately you rock them, how perfectly you sing the lullabies, or even how actually sleepy they are, they just wouldn’t go to la-la land.

Even more frustrating is how when they finally surrender to sleep, they just jolt back to consciousness, no matter how gently or carefully you transfer them to the crib.

One of the cutest things that my little girl Sadako does is when she’s already asleep (she sleeps on her tummy) and she suddenly jolts awake, and lifts her head, scanning the whole place for us. Whenever this happens, Honeybun and I—no matter where we are or what we’re doing—just close our eyes to give her the impression that we’re already asleep, so it doesn’t matter if we’re seated watching TV or standing up holding a glass of water—we just automatically freeze and shut our eyes. Almost all of the time, she realizes that we’re not available to play so she just tries to go back to Morpheus.

It’s funny though when we open our eyes and see that she’s still wide awake. We pretend to sleep again, but there are times when no matter how many times we close our eyes, her eyes are still wide open when we open ours.

Which only means one thing: nap time’s through, and it’s time to say goodbye to the DVD or the laptop or the junk food.

Well, until she’s with Morpheus again.