Last week, I thanked the heavens for Facebook.

I logged in and saw that someone wanted to add me. when I clicked on the friend requests icon, I discovered that it was Tutay, my ex-maid who I last saw maybe five years or so ago (before she went back to the province and then never returned). We still texted regularly when she decided to stay in Quezon province, but then we eventually lost touch.

Tutay is 20 years old now and yes, she has a Facebook account.

Naturally, I wanted to see her again, so I asked her to meet me at the mall so I can fetch her. I wanted her to sleep over at our new house because I was sure she’d have lots of news, gossip, and updates for us.

Tutay was late, but she I still recognized her when she arrived at the coffeeshop. How could I not when she was turning heads and attracting second, third, and fourth looks?

She’s a little taller now, a little heavier too, but still the same old scenestealer Tutay who I fell in love with the moment her grandmother brought her to us.

Tutay is now working for a convenience store in Cavite, but before that, she did a mix of interesting jobs: cooking for a catering service, taking care of both an infant and an old lady, working with coconuts in a factory, sewing jeans, selling at the wet market.

And now she’s hinting that she wants to work for us again.

I’d love to have her around again. An extra hand is always welcome, but the money that will go to her can go to something else, something I’ve been wanting for a while now. Besides, we still can manage; just Honeybun and I.

Yesterday night, we made sure we did some catching up. She updated us on all the other maids (her kasabayans) we had. She shared stories about her several (and I mean SEVERAL) boyfriends (both past and present). She talked about her friends, both good and bad influences.

We had a lot of fun too. We watched a horror flick, abused our Magic Sing, and pigged out on burgers, donuts and ice cream. Of course, we had a photo shoot too, just like before. But now it’s a little different. I’m using a digital camera now. We have make-up now. And she’s more comfy in front of the lens.

It was also her first time to see Sadako, who bawled when she saw Tutay. And that’s a great sign! Before long, they were already besties, which is yet another great sign.

Tutay also gave me a full-body massage yesternight and basing on her kneading skills alone, it looks like we’re welcoming her back soon.