One of the greatest things about real friends is that you don’t have to see them often or regularly (although both of you would want to, of course); and when you actually do, it’s always a blast, as if you were just together some hours ago.

I was reminded of this when I met up with Mae yesterday. After a year or so, we finally got to see each other again, and even if it was just for a couple of hours (my fault) and even if it was just over pastries and drinks at Starbucks, it was undeniably fun and fulfilling.

We started updating each other on common friends and acquaintances we’ve recently seen or heard from, and then we talked about ourselves (love life, career, family, friend, goals). Of course, laughter and sex stories found their way somewhere there too, even if there was a little girl on the next table.

The couple of hours we spent together weren’t enough so we’re definitely seeing each other again: we’re watching “Little Women” next month, plus “Burlesque” when it’s showing, maybe this December.

Can’t wait.