Today, Sadako met Tutay for the very first time.

Tutay used to be our maid when she was 14 (a kinda sorta maid since the actual maid was her grandmother) and it didn’t take long before she became my favorite person on earth (I’m going to write a separate post on that in my personal blog though). After a couple of years, she went back to Quezon province and never returned. We lost touch too.

And then one day last week, I got the best e-mail ever on Facebook: a message from Tutay. Naturally, we agreed to meet ASAP.

I brought her home with me today, after fetching her at the mall, and she got to meet Sadako.

Sadako cried the first time she laid eyes on Tutay, but before long, they were kind of besties—which is good, since Tutay has been dropping hints about working for us again.

I still have to think about getting her or not though because part of me wants to use my money for something else. And we all can manage being on our own so far anyway.

Meanwhile, Sadako and Tutay are getting to know each other better.

Tutay is also sleeping over. We watched “Cinco” awhile ago, abused the Magic Sing, and pigged out on burgers and donuts. Of course, she also helped with Sadako already.

And oh, she gave me a heavenly massage.

She’s this close to receiving an offer to work for us again, thanks to that massage.