Today is Sadako’s first Halloween, and while I am a huge fan of the holiday (I’ve held Halloween parties and organized trick or treats in the past), I strangely had no plans of letting my daughter be part of the celebration today.

It’s my first Halloween as a parent this year and for the first time, there’s no crazy costume or Halloween party for me. Just trick or treating—with me by the door, giving candy to the kids.

In the afternoon, Honeybun, Sadako and I had to go to the mall to buy groceries and get a gift for my aunt. And since I knew all the kids would be trick or treating (in costume, of course), I decided last minute to dress up Sadako as well.

I let Sadako wear the baptismal dress that my tita My (today’s birthday celebrant) lent us (it was originally used by her daughter Demon-ique), added a Jack Skellington as an accessory, plus put a Minnie Mouse bridal headband (thanks to Katsan’s mom) on her head. Voila! An instant Corpse Bride, who stole Jack Skellington for a groom.

And oh, how Sadako collected compliments!

The only downer (just a minor one though) was that nobody seemed to know who or what she was.

“Wow, si baby nakiki-Halloween,” an old lady commented.

“Ang ganda naman ng Halloween ni baby,” some kid said.

“Wow, white lady!” someone assumed loudly.

Oh well. There’s always next year—and we’ll definitely prepare for that one.