Now that she can almost-crawl, Sadako likes reaching out for stuff, so we really have to be careful with the things we leave on the bed, such as dangerous pointy objects and poisonous stuff.

It's not just her safety we're after, however, but the safety of our material things too, since she likes throwing our phones on the floor, and thinks that paper is food.

And since we're on the topic, grown-up food has started to really attract her. For example, halfway through my delicious marble slice from Goldilocks, I'd find Sadako staring at me, drooling.

Other times, when Honeybun's just getting ready to open a bag of chips, Sadako would instantly flick to where the sound of plastic bag is coming from, fully aware that it's the sound of something related to food.

Honeybun is weak--every time she finds Sadako staring at her while she's nibbling on her choco rum ball, she almost always wants to let our little one taste. I, on the other hand, know that in the meantime, she won't know what she's missing, and that Cerelac and Gerber are the best.